Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a lost and found department?

We do! To inquire about a lost item from our Lost and Found, please fill out the form below with as much detail about the item as possible. The sooner we hear from you the greater the chance of having your property promptly returned to you.

*Please note that on weekends items are locked away until Monday morning when management retrieves the items from the weekend.  You may not receive a response to your inquiry until then.

We hope you find your lost item! Remember next time to always look behind you as you exit the taxi to check for your belongings and ask for a printed receipt so you have the taxi number you rode in.

What factors should I consider when making a reservation?

Weather considerations

Poor weather, especially rain and snow, always put added pressure on our services: call volumes usually triple in bad weather so please be patient as our drivers, dispatch & mechanical staff are working their hardest to transport you safely.

Poor road conditions also cause traffic to slow down, so please plan accordingly to allow yourself more than double the time to get to your destination. Call our dispatch for advance booking suggestions. Read more about what to expect, especially during winter months.

Rush hour and peak time considerations

If possible, try to book your taxi outside of Rush hour (7-9:30 a.m and 2-5:30 p.m.). Not only are we getting people to/from the office, many people don’t realize we are also getting children to/from school. Booking a taxi outside of rush hour will allow us to provide you with the best service possible.

“Bar rush” is another busy period, as everyone wants to get home from parties and bars during the 12am – 3am period on Fridays and Saturdays. Our drivers and dispatch work hard during these periods, not only to keep up with demand but to transport their passengers safely. Please keep this in mind when you are planning transportation and consider booking your taxi in advance using our mobile app.

Airport considerations

If you are booking a taxi to get to the airport, please take into consideration the actual driving time, add the airport recommendation of getting there early (i.e.; 1 and a half hour early for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights, and also add another ½ hour to hour for a safety margin). Check with your local airline or airport for suggested preparation time.

Advance bookings

You don’t have to book in advance but we do recommend it. Advance bookings will secure transportation and make sure all the details are taken care of for your trip.

Can you pick me up from Pearson International Airport?

Unfortunately no we can not.  We can take you to Pearson International Airport but our taxis are restricted by licensing at Pearson International Airport from picking up there.

How can I make a reservation with Burlington Taxi?

You can make a reservation for a taxi 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 905- 333-3333, booking online, or booking with the mobile app.

What's your policy on seat belts and car seats for children?

Burlington Taxi does not provide child car seats. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supply the seat for transport. If you choose to not travel with the car seat, the driver is not held responsible under the Highway Traffic Act the parent or guardian is held accountable.

Additional guidance about car seats and seat belts is available from the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario:

What are the seatbelt and child car seat requirements in taxis?

As a passenger in a taxi, you must wear a seatbelt. Passengers 16 years of age or older can face a fine of $240 for not wearing a seatbelt.

Taxi drivers are responsible for making sure passengers under the age of 16 are using seatbelts properly. Otherwise, they can face a fine of $240 and two demerit points on their driver record.

Taxi drivers are exempt from the child car seat and booster seat requirements when transporting passengers for hire, except if they are transporting children for personal reasons operating a taxi while under contract with a school board or other authority for the transportation of children.

What are the costs or fares?

Fares are calculated by distance and time:

  • For first 1/20 km (50m) or part thereof – $3.50
  • For each additional 1/20 km (50m) or part thereof – $0.10
  • For each additional kilometer – $2.40
  • Waiting time while under engagement (per minute) – $0.75
  • Fee for Debit Transaction – $1.00

We also offer flat rates for airport trips, group travel or parcel delivery. Visit our Rates page for more information.

What are taxi response times?

Response times vary depending on time of day and location. Generally, you can expect us at your location within 5-20 minutes of calling from anywhere in Burlington. When you book a taxi, just ask the dispatcher for the average waiting time. Our dispatch system is constantly re-calculating waiting time. Our average waiting time is 12 minutes. If you book a taxi in advance, you can expect the taxi to arrive within ten minutes of the booking time but we do not guarantee this and due to unforeseen circumstances we can be late, so make sure you order with a bit of a time cushion. For example, if you book at taxi for 10 am, the taxi may arrive as early as 9:50 am or as late as 10:10 am. Please remember this does not include rush hour weekdays 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm, holidays or bar rush. We aim to arrive as soon as possible but there are times when weather, traffic, events or unforeseeable obstacles challenge our timing. Please be patient. Our drivers are trying their best to deliver you in the safest, quickest most pleasant way possible.

Where can you take me?

Anywhere you want to go.

I have a complaint, what should I do?

Please e-mail us with your concerns. All Burlington Taxis have numbers on the back and sides of their vehicles for identification. Please have this number ready for reference when you e-mail us, as well as the time and date of significance and your pick up and destination details.  You can email us right now at customerservice@burlingtontaxi.com. We promise a response to all emails usually within 24 to 48 hours.

How much to tip?

Tipping is a personal choice. If you receive great service, it is customary to tip 10-20% of the fare. Drivers are appreciative of your tip as a substantial part of their income. Thank you for supporting our drivers.

Do you offer taxi accounts?

Burlington Taxi is no longer offering personal billing accounts.  Corporate or business accounts can be set up. See our Accounts section for more information.

How do I know I am safe in your taxis?

In our cars, your safety is our highest priority. We have tools and procedures in place to ensure your safe passage when travelling with Burlington Taxi. This includes rigorous driver screening and training, as well as state-of-the-art vehicle safety features like in-car cameras and GPS tracking.

Learn more about the specific ways we are keeping you safe in our cars.

What’s the connection between Burlington Taxi and Deluxe Taxi?

We dispatch for Deluxe Taxi, which means we have even more cars to serve you. All calls come in to the Burlington Taxi central location and we dispatch trips to both Burlington and Deluxe drivers. The goal: faster more efficient service for our mutual customers.

When you call for a taxi, you may be dispatched a black Deluxe Taxi. Deluxe promises the same great customer service, quality of drivers and vehicles.

Are you a taxi company interested in our Dispatch Services? Contact us at customerservice@burlingtontaxi.com for more information.