Winter Storms are unpredictable but we can guarantee they affect our taxi service:

Call Volume Will Triple: When you want to avoid the roads, most other people do as well. Our call volume typically triples during winter storms so please be patient as our drivers, dispatch & mechanical staff are working their hardest to transport you safely.

Avoid Rush Hour: If possible, try to book your taxi outside of Rush hour (7-9:30 a.m). Not only are we getting people to the office, many people don’t realize we are also getting children to school. Booking a taxi outside of rush hour will allow us to provide you with the best service possible.

Assume Major Traffic Delays: We can guarantee that roads will be slow with Winter Storms. From snow plows and salt trucks, to cautious drivers, and accidents there is always something that slows traffic down. Please plan accordingly to allow yourself more than double the time to get to your destination. Call our dispatch for advance booking suggestions.

Party Season & Saturday Night Bar Rush Intensified: What do you get when you add extreme weather and Christmas party season? Extremely high demand and often extremely slow service. Everyone wants to get home from parties and bars during the 12am – 3am period. It is a chaotic scenario for our drivers and dispatch. They are working their hardest during these periods, not only to keep up with demand but to transport their passengers safely. Please keep this in mind when you are planning your event transportation during the month of December.

Above all, please be patient with us as we try to get everyone home as quickly and safely as possible!