Thank you Burlington!

Together we collected over 3000 pairs of new SOCKS that were delivered to shelters in Hamilton, Burlington & Kitchener on December 25, 2016 thanks to Your Little Bit of Help! Congratulations everyone!   www.   Friends @Tyandaga Apartments

Check out the photos of the people and events that contributed to our campaign here.

Happy New Year!

Once again Your Little Bit of Help has a big thank you to so very many people!  This year was probably our most successful year with donations and organization.

Our team of volunteers assembled 113 gift bags and we delivered to shelters in Burlington, Hamilton and Kitchener.  So many pairs of socks for women & children – it was incredible!  On top of the gift bags, we dropped off 3 large cases of socks to Men’s Street Ministry in Hamilton who actually deliver to the homeless nightly!  On Christmas day with our delivery to the Men’s Mission we were able to give them 3 extra-large boxes with men’s socks.  The Chaplain was expecting us and was thrilled with our delivery as well as the residents.  They were in good spirits and were all wishing us a Merry Christmas!

The contents for the bags were as follows:  6 pairs of good quality warm Socks, Trident gum, Halls, Full size Chocolate Bars, Maynard Candies, Froot Loop Snacks, Deck of Playing Cards, Toe Warmers, Hand Warmers, Combs, Kleenex, Sudoku Puzzle Books, pocket size calendar, pen, reusable Water Bottle, White Gildan T-Shirt, 2 Gift Cards for $5.00 each for 541 Eatery & Exchange Restaurant in Hamilton, Lypsyl, Rain Poncho, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Deodorant, Bandaids, Thermal shoe liners, Gloves and Toques –  all items were delivered in a festive gift bag with red tissue.

Keep a warm blanket in your car.  Have a few $5.00 Tim cards in your wallet.  When you see someone on the street give it to them.  People don’t wake up and say “I want to live on the street.”  It’s not always a bad choice that has put them there… and as we all know, sometimes we just need a helping hand.

We would like to express our thanks to every single one of you that donated your time, product, cash donations, pick up, drop off, and delivery – it was incredible!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  All the best in 2017!

Your Little Bit of Help

Angie Richardson & Trish Gzik