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Lost and Found

Every day our lost and found department receives cellular phones, wallets, keys and handbags that were left in our vehicles. The sooner we hear from you the greater the chance of having your property promptly returned to you. The more information you provide the faster we will be able to locate and return your property.

Please fill out the following form:

Ride Details:*
Date you lost the item:*
Description of lost item and Taxi # if known:*

*Please note that on weekends items are locked away until Monday morning when management retrieves the items from the weekend.  You may not receive a response to your inquiry until then.


Always ask for a printed receipt, it will have the taxi number printed on it. Taxi numbers are the 3 digit numbers located on the front fender on both sides of the car or the City of Burlington Plate on the rear of the car. Always look behind you as you exit the taxi to check for your wallet, purse, keys, and or cell phones.

We hope you find your lost item!