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Keeping You Safe

Driver Requirements

Criminal Checks: Burlington Taxi drivers have comprehensive, provincially-regulated criminal and vulnerable sector checks including a finger print check.  These extensive checks are required for workers who may be left alone with kids. These same requirements do not apply to drivers of Ride Share companies, which is why these companies are not permitted to drive passengers under 18 years of age. Be informed and review the details from Who’s Driving You.

Driving History: Burlington Taxi Drivers are required to have held a Valid Class G driver’s license for at least five years, and no “At Fault” insurance claims for at least the last six years.

Commercial Insurance:  All Burlington Taxi vehicles have commercial coverage of up to 5 million dollars for Drivers and Passengers 365/24/7. This insurance coverage is different than that of Ride Share companies. Be informed and review the details from Who’s Driving You.

Driver Training and Development: From our Driver Training Program to our Monitor-Evaluate-Retrain process, we are constantly developing driver performance. Our real-life video training tool shows how external forces such as road conditions, speed, focus and other drivers impact their driving ability.

Ongoing Driver performance is monitored in real-time, with the help of in-car technology (like cameras, and G force triggers), which enhances driver performance and accountability.

Vehicle Safety

GPS Emergency Button: In case of emergency, this feature immediately identifies the location of the vehicle to our dispatch centre, allowing a call to police or to other nearby taxis for assistance.

In-Car Cameras: To protect our customers and drivers, photos are taken as the passenger enters and exits the vehicle. Our cameras also records and monitors driving habits 24 hours a day. Photos may be submitted to police if required.

G Force Triggers: Burlington Taxi has a zero tolerance for aggressive driving behaviour and thanks to G Force technology, we monitor hard breaking, hard accelerations, and hard left/right turns in every vehicle.

Maintenance: Our team of ‘Class ‘A’ mechanics work 7 days per week, including a 24 hour on-call service to make sure our vehicles are safe and sound every moment of the day. Each vehicle is proved road-worthy every six weeks with a complete mechanical examination.