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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the connection between Burlington Taxi and Deluxe Taxi?

We dispatch for Deluxe Taxi, which means all calls come in to the Burlington Taxi central location and we dispatch trips to both Burlington and Deluxe drivers. The goal: faster more efficient service for our mutual customers.

Can you pick me up from Pearson International Airport?

Unfortunately no we can not.  We can take you to Pearson International Airport but our taxis are restricted by licensing at Pearson International Airport from picking up there.

How can I make a reservation with Burlington Taxi?

Phone: 905 333-3333 Online:

What are the costs or fares?

By distance: One to six Passengers:

  • For first 1/20 km (50m) or part thereof – $3.50
  • For each additional 1/20 km (50m) or part thereof – $0.10
  • For each additional kilometer – $1.99
  • Waiting time while under engagement (per minute) – $0.54
  • Fee for Debit Transaction – $1.00

*Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Rates are the same as our standard rates *Flat Rates available

What are taxi response times?

Response times vary depending on time of day and location. Generally, you can expect us at your location within 5-20 minutes of calling from anywhere in Burlington. When you book a taxi, just ask the dispatcher for the average waiting time. Our dispatch system is constantly re-calculating waiting time. Our average waiting time is 12 minutes. If you book a taxi in advance, you can expect the taxi to arrive within ten minutes of the booking time. For example, if you book at taxi for 10 am, the taxi may arrive as early as 9:50 am or as late as 10:10 am. Please remember this does not include rush hour, holidays or bar rush. We aim to arrive as soon as possible but there are times when weather, traffic, events or unforeseeable obstacles challenge our timing. Please be patient. Our drivers are trying their best to deliver you in the safest, quickest most pleasant way possible.

Where can you take me?

Anywhere you want to go.

What factors should I consider when making a reservation?

Airport considerations

If you are booking a taxi to get to the airport, please take into consideration the actual driving time, add the airport recommendation of getting there early (ie) 1 and a half hour early for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights, and also add another ½ hour to hour for a safety margin. Check with your local airline or airport for suggested preparation time.

Advance bookings

You don’t have to book in advance but we do recommend it. Advance bookings will secure transportation and make sure all the details are taken care of for your important trip.

I have a Taxi complaint, what should I do?

Please e-mail us with your concerns. All Burlington Taxis have numbers on the back and sides of their vehicles for identification. Please have this number ready for reference when you e-mail us, as well as the time and date of significance and your pick up and destination details.  You can email us right now at We promise a response to all emails usually within 24 to 48 hours. If this is an urgent concern, please call 905-333-3333 and speak with the manager on duty.

How much to tip?

Tipping is a personal choice. If you receive great service, it is customary to tip 10-20% of the fare. Drivers are appreciative of your tip as a substantial part of their income. Thank you for supporting our drivers.


From its humble beginnings of four cars dispatched from the original Plains Road office, Burlington Taxi has grown to be the oldest taxi service in Burlington. Spanning over two generations, Burlington Taxi’s owner Scott Wallace will tell you, “there is no question, the secret to our longevity is the people operating this business. Every area of our organization is staffed with highly trained and skilled individuals that have been here for years, some since its inception in 1968.” Located in the heart of the city, Burlington Taxi operates out of a 12,000 sq. foot facility which houses more than 200 drivers, dispatch, administration and mechanical personnel to serve our community.

Our new logo and tagline: Burlington Taxi. Hop in. Let’s go!

Sometimes on the road of life you need a driver. Fast. We want to be that driver. Our new logo and tagline reflect the sense of urgency and appeal to customers who need to get somewhere – now. The informal tone is intended to speak to a diverse group of people including everyone from youth to seniors, business travellers to tourists, and to those who for some reason or another are not able to drive at the present moment. Burlington Taxi wants to inspire our customers and colleagues with a “can-do” attitude. Together we’ll go places. We want to be a friendly partner on the road of life. When you or your things have to get somewhere, we’ll be there – ready to serve. You got places to go? Hop in. Let’s go!

What are your phone numbers for service and mobile booking address?

Phone: 905 333-3333 Online:

Taxi Accounts

If you are using Burlington Taxi services often, a personal or corporate account is the most convenient way to travel. There is no minimum charge for being an account holder and you will only be charged for the services you receive. See our Accounts section for more information.

Do you have a lost and found department?


Every day our lost and found department receives cellular phones, wallets, keys and handbags that were left in our vehicles. The sooner we hear from you the greater the chance of having your property promptly returned to you. The more information you provide the faster we will be able to locate and return your property.

Please email our lost and found department at with the following information:

  • Detailed description of the item lost
  • Your name and contact information
  • Vehicle number
  • Date and Time of pick up
  • Pick up and Drop off locations

*Please note that on weekends items are locked away until Monday morning when management retrieves the items from the weekend.  You may not receive a response to your email until then.


Always ask for a printed receipt, it will have the taxi number printed on it. Taxi numbers are the 3 digit numbers located on the front fender on both sides of the car or the City of Burlington Plate on the rear of the car. Always look behind you as you exit the taxi to check for your wallet, purse, keys, and or cell phones.

We hope you find your lost item!